1. Remove top band from your tracker (opposite side from the small circular button). The easiest way to remove the band is to apply pressure to the side joint as seen in the video above. Another way is to wiggle the band and tracker back and forth while pulling. 

2. Remove protective film on top and bottom of charger.

3. Plug the built-in charger into a USB outlet. This can be a wall outlet or computer USB port. The charging side of the tracker has 2 gold lines on the bottom side. Tracker will light up for a couple seconds when connected properly. If this does not happen, the tracker is usually plugged in upside down or you may have the incorrect side is plugged into the charger. Charge for at least 1 hour or until battery shows fully charged.

4. Turn on your tracker by holding the circular button on the face of the tracker for 3 seconds.

5. Download the Yoho Sports app onto your phone by searching for Yoho Sports in the App Store or by downloading the correct version below:

Yoho Sports App:

Yoho Sports (for Apple)

Yoho Sports (for Android)

6. Sync your tracker to the app via the prompted option or through device settings on the app. 

7. Personalize your tracker on the app by setting fitness goals. 

Please visit our FAQ page for all additional questions: 

FAQ PAGE (click here!)